The Christmas Trio fundraiser started today.  The deadline to return orders and payments is Friday, November 20.  Find all the necessary details below.  This fundraiser has a required minimum.

Red Regiment Christmas Trio Fundraiser

November 6-20, 2020

It is time to launch our Christmas Trio Fundraiser!  This is an important fundraiser as it helps keep our band fees low without sacrificing important parts of our program. This fundraiser is part of the commitment form agreed to by every Red Regiment member.  Unsold requirements will unfortunately need to be added to students’ band accounts. 

  • Members will have until Nov. 20 to sell Poinsettias, Poppin’ Popcorn & Candy.
  • Each Red Regiment member is expected to sell 25-points of items. Each item is worth 5 points.
  • The goal is to reach 25 points or more with any combination of sales.

Food items make GREAT Christmas gifts for teachers, coaches, co-workers, Secret Santa exchanges or just to have on hand for those “last minute” gifts you forgot about!

Poinsettias are wonderful gifts as well. They are a beautiful addition to Christmas décor at home, church or office.  Check out the eight color options for this year on the sales form!



  • Collect money at the point of sale.
  • All orders and payment will be due Friday, November 20!!
  • Poinsettia delivery date is scheduled for the week of December 7th.
  • There are several incentives and prizes being offered by “The Popcorn Man” for all students.
  • There are additional incentives for those traveling to Hawaii in 2021. (see below)
  • ***New Option – Popcorn and candy can be sold online and drop shipped (for a customer fee) directly to friends/family living anywhere in the country!



Once a student’s required goal is met, profit from sales above and beyond their quota can be shared and deposited into their student trip account.

  • $5 for each item sold



  • Funds placed in the trip savings account in your child’s name may only be used for the large band trip.
  • Funds may not be cashed out.
  • Funds may not be used for other band fees or school fees.
  • If a student is unable to continue in band for any reason, funds in their name will remain with Red Regiment.
  • Families may inquire about deposits and account balance with the band office at any time.