Shoe Order

Shoes have been ordered and are due to arrive Wednesday in time for our formal band photos.  Shoes are $42.  Payment is due Thurs., Aug. 27.  Make checks payable to NWHS BAND.  Students may turn in payments directly to Mrs. Pauls, Fine Arts Assistant.

Colorguard Warm-up Order

Colorguard warm-ups were ordered last week and should arrive in time for Friday.  Warm-up prices are as follows:
Jacket: $30
Pants: $25
Both: $55

Payment is due at time of delivery.

Weekend Agenda

The schedule and details for this Friday are here.  Individual pics will start during classtime.  Students will need their under-uniform, dinner and polo uniform.  Details for each can be found in the next section and here.  Students will have access to the band polos if they need to borrow one from the parade shirts.  Info about laundering will come later.  Polos will available to purchase and keep in the spiritwear order if desired.

Football Band

Brass and woodwinds will want to order a flipfolder and lyre for the game Friday.  This will hold your music for playing “in the stands.”  Each instrument will have a specific lyre (metal stick thing to attach to instrument) so its best to call Paige’s Music (317-842-2102) with your instrument and model (especially for saxes).  


Band Photos

Band photos will be this Friday.  We are using BatemanFoto again.  Don’t miss your chance to get your child’s 2020 button!  More picture day details here.


Students will need to wear the prescribed under-uniform any time the band is in the formal uniforms including band photos on Friday.  There are several details to this.  The highlights are crew-length solid black socks, black t-shirt with sleeves (images on the shirt are okay), athletic shorts (no cargo shorts, no denim), no make-up nor jewelry, long hair pulled up under hat.  See the full details here.

Football Tickets

There are three ways to see Red Regiment performance this Friday. 
1) Purchase a ticket 
2) Work parent pit crew
3) Halftime only option

See all the details here.

Parent Volunteers/Chaperones

Wa-Nee Community Schools requires a background check for parents that would like to assist with band events.  All volunteers complete a limited background check.  Parents that are interested in serving as a chaperone must also complete an expanded background check.  More details here.


All assignments can be found on Canvas.  Grades are located on Skyward.  Students just completed their first memorized performance quiz.  They are in process of being graded.  Students can expect one performance quiz per week through the end of September.


Spiritwear will start to come together next week.  Each student will receive a showshirt (already included in basic band fee).  Additional shirts can be ordered for friends and family.  We will be retiring a few and adding a few new items.  Look for an order form to be released next Friday.