There are several ways band parents can enjoy the halftime performance next Friday, August 28.  Here are the options:


You will enjoy the full game from the stadium seats.  There are a limited number of tickets available.  Band parents have been calculated into the distribution formula but, nevertheless, tickets are limited.  You can purchase tickets at  Parents will need an access pin to purchase a ticket from the band ticket quantity.  The access pin can be found on our Red Regiment Facebook page for current members and families only.


Pit Crew parents may purchase a ticket and enjoy the full game (Option A) or choose the Pit Crew option.  This group will enter the stadium with the band (pushing equipment) and remain with the band for the duration of the game.  The band will be located on the blacktop pad behind the west endzone.  After halftime, this group will assist with returning equipment to the high school.  Admission is free for this option and will not occupy a seat in the stadium.  This group will not return to the stadium for the second half of the game without having purchased a ticket from Option A listed above.  There will be extended time standing on your feet in this plan. 

(Information about how to become a parent volunteer will the sent next.  Wa-Nee requires parent volunteers to complete a limited background check and agreement form.)


The final option for band parents is to meet outside  the stadium near the tennis courts at 5 minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter.  A band representative will meet this group and escort them to the track at the east end of the stadium.  This group will view the halftime performance from the track and be escorted back out of the stadium at the east end.  There is a fair amount of walking required in this plan.  Admission is free for this option and will not occupy a seat in the stadium.