I hope everyone is enjoying summer.  A few decisions have been made for marching band this summer/fall.  These decisions will surely lead to more questions which will be answered as soon as possible.  Thank you in advance for your patience.


It will be different but there will be marching band.  As for now we plan to:

  • have a marching show
  • have band camp (with modified schedule)
  • have after school practices
  • perform at football games
  • perform at Apple Festival
  • we will have show shirts
What we are unable to do is travel long distances for performances.  As of July 8 ISSMA is still moving forward with their marching band events, however, the logistics of travel, space, meals and changing into uniform present a great challenge while on the road this fall.  Because of this NorthWood Red Regiment is not planning on participating in fall ISSMA events.  
(Mr. Criss editorial – “I anticipate more and more bands will do this up to the point ISSMA finally cancels the fall season as several other state music organizations already have done.) 
I know this will sadden many of us, but this is perhaps the best option available to us.

#2 Colorguard/Percussion/DM Tryouts

To begin our show design, colorguard and percussion tryouts are critical to get moving.


Colorguard tryouts will be Thurs., July 16 from 11a-2p at NWHS.  Colorguard members will be receiving details from Stephanie about what and how to prepare.  All members will  receive the current precautionary safety measures required to attend in-person rehearsals later this week.  Additional information about guard camp will be announced by Friday. 

July 17 rehearsal is cancelled due to graduation.


Percussion tryouts will be Wed., July 15 from 5p-7p and Thurs., July 16 from 5p-7p at NWHS.  You only need to attend one and we encourage as many as possible to attend the Wed., July 15 date.  Please consider Thursday to be an alternate date in case of conflict. Percussion members will be receiving audition materials via e-mail sent to the primary parent’s email registered with Red Regiment.   All members will receive the current precautionary safety measures required to attend in-person rehearsals later this week.


Now that we have a plan to move forward, drum major candidate info will be forthcoming soon.

#3 Band Camp Rehearsals

Band camp rehearsals will be verified in the next couple weeks.  We must wait until July 19 to know if extended practices are approved by the state.  Currently teams may only practice 3hrs/day 5day/week.  Our current camp days are longer than that.

#4 July 20 Early Start

There are still many unknowns about who is registered for band this fall.  To remedy this problem quickly there will be rehearsals for ALL MEMBERS on July 20.  This will provide an accurate number of participants so marching drill design can finally begin.  It is critically important that all members attend the July 20 rehearsals so band staff knows who is in the show and who is not.

9:00a-11:00a  Colorguard
11:30a-1:30p   Brass
2:00p-4:00p   Percussion
4:30p-6:30p   Woodwinds

#5 Medical Forms

Medical forms will be emailed home prior to tryouts and rehearsals.  It is important that each member returns their medical form at their first Red Regiment tryout/rehearsal date.

#6 Questions

I’m sure there are many questions.  Thank you for your patience.  This information is hot off the press and new details are being finalized as quickly as possible.

If you have questions about tryouts, please inquire with Stephanie or Mr. Grabill for those details.