This morning we received notice that Red Regiment is postponed.  Sorry for the late notice but we are all rolling with things as they happen.


No practice today.   No practice until further notice.  Technically speaking, Wa-Nee is still on track for in-person school.  We are unsure if that plan will continue into next week.  If in-person school happens, practice will resume on the first day of school.  If remote learning is put into place, practices will resume when remote learning is lifted.  There are also many possibilities in between.  Other nearby schools are pursuing a remote learning plan by day and in-person extra-curriculars at school by afternoon/evening.  This keeps contact groups small and offers students another morsel of “normalcy.” 

Please keep an open mind and continue to be flexible.  Band families have offered awesome support through all of this.  In spite of all the craziness, this has been a very enjoyable band camp.  I hope your student feels the same way.  Kids are learning at an incredible pace and the weather has been amazing.  It was fantastic to work in smaller groupings and offer more specific guidance to individual students.  Some 3hr split rehearsals just might continue next year!


Keep playing your music.  Red Regiment could potentially be called back in a week.  Even if not called back we will proceed with this music (and quizzes) in remote learning so might as well keep up on it.  Have no fear WE WILL BE A BAND this year.  Sooner or later we will come together and perform some music!!!


Band students are amazing and creative problem solvers.  We fully hope to be back together soon.  Please encourage your student to keep up and maintain their music/choreography learned thus far.  We will find a way to make this work. 
Thank you for your support and encouraging emails and notes.   

See ya soon!

Mr. Criss
Mr. Grabill